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We are of this world.
We are of this world.

We’re Manic Exploration, a husband and wife team traveling and exploring both ourselves and the world around us. For over a decade, we have been adventurers, seeking escape from the day to day grind of city life to the outskirts of everywhere. We would love to share our philosophies, thoughts, and experiences with you and encourage you to do the same.

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A little bit more:

We come from Alaska. Katie was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Chris was born in Washington and moved up to Anchorage with his family when he was a child. In high school, our worlds met, and since 1999 we have been inseparable. We enjoy long road trips, hiking, biking, and discovering new places. We’re driven to explore the world and constantly strive to learn new things. Our journey has been about being there for each other above all, and discovering for ourselves where and how we want to exist in this world.

Through years of often daily excursions into the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, we cultivated a deep appreciation for nature. We would indulge ourselves in the silent, breathtaking views around us on long day hikes, all the while working our bodies to the brink of exhaustion. It became a sort of mental and physical cleansing. We’d head out into the woods, and shake off our troubles. We were becoming addicted to adventure.

After years of planning, we left our long-time home of Alaska in search of the unknown. With no job prospects, and little of a plan, we embarked on our exodus. We spent the next three months living in a truck camper, and touring all over western North America. Along the way were sights and sounds that will not be soon forgotten.

After a few years of looking, we set down roots in the beautiful Pacific NorthWest town of Bellingham, Washington. As a means of expressing ourselves and supporting our endless thirst for nature, we decided to build a website to share our adventures and our love for nature. This passion project gives us an outlet to pursue grand views and epic memories. Our blog posts entail musings of favorite locations, tales of past adventures, and featuring landscape and wildlife photography, mainly in the pacific northwest of USA & Canada. Some of the very best of these photos make their way to our Etsy store you can access from our main page, the funds of which we use to support future adventures.

Another big part of our lives is our little monsters. Meet (below pictured left-right) Amber, Angelo, and Nymh. They had a first row seat in our truck camper on the road. Amber was found at a local shelter, Angelo was rescued in Wasilla from a family that abandoned him, and Nymh was adopted as a kitten. Sadly, we lost Amber a few months after moving to Bellingham due to illness. The other two are in good spirits and health though, after mourning the loss of their sister with us. The boys enjoy taking walks from time to time out in the fresh Washington air. They do surprisingly well on a leash.

Yes, we are cat people.

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